Preventive Dental Care Products by Preventech

We’re devoted to creating, manufacturing and distributing innovative preventive care dental products focused on dental disease prevention. We’re especially proud that all Preventech products are made in USA!

By using our preventive dental products, like our Next prophy paste line or our Fluoride products, to intervene early, dental hygienists, dentists and dental assistants are able to help patients keep their natural dentition for life.

Dental professionals count on us for high quality preventive dental care products at a reasonable price time after time. Dental Hygienists, Dentists and Dental Assistants rely on our consistent quality.

We sell our products through dental distributors in the United States, Canada and throughout much of Europe. Private practices, dental health departments, medical centers and government agencies know that Preventech brands represent the best value for them and the patients they serve.

We are an active member of DTA, an AHDA and AAPD Corporate Sponsor, and an enthusiastic supporter of dental hygiene activities throughout the world.

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