Pivot & Pivot NL DPA

Pivot: Everything you need in a disposable prophy angle, Plus more!

The newest member of our family of high quality “American Made” Pivot Disposable Prophy Angles, is Pivot Plus Spiral Cup. Available in both right and contra angle design, our new Plus cup’s external edges make for more efficient polishing on adjacent teeth and interproximal area. The edges in combination with our low profile cup design allow for much easier access to the distal of second molars. After a day of prophys, your wrist and hands will feel the difference.

Hygienists love Pivot’s reliably smooth, surprisingly quiet, runs-like-metal performance with the cup preferred by four out of five hygienists.*

Unlike most latex-free DPAs, Pivot cups having better elasticity which allow it to reach deeper interproximally and splay into the sulcus easier allowing for a more complete cleaning and polishing. They also stay more concentric too, which means they spin truer, reducing splatter and providing a more predictable polishing edge.

Pivot means a great value, a reasonable price and, now, an even broader line so you can pick the exact angles that fit your needs … without paying more. Order Pivot Disposable Prophy Angles from your favorite dealer today.

* Data available upon request.

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