Dental Dealers

As one of the leading manufacturers in the U.S Preventive market we value the important relationship we have with each of our authorized dental distributor partners. Although we are trusted partners in providing our products to dental professionals, we have always strived to treat each dental distributor partner more like a customer.

We recognize that we have an obligation to work with each channel partner in a fair and equitable manner. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products on a timely basis (no backorders) and sell all our dealer partners at the same prices. This also extends to offering the same promotional programs to their end user companies.

We are also dedicated to providing technical support and sales training within our product areas to their sales teams at both their headquarter locations as well as the various branch locations throughout the U.S.

As part of this strategic alliance, we feel it’s our responsibility to uniquely position our products and create brand awareness and trial through professional advertising, product sales brochures, product samples and local sales support.

Overall we are committed to the primary objective of providing a “level playing field” for all of our authorized distributors to maximize their sales and profits on each Preventech brand.

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