Pivot Prophy Packs

Non-Latex Soft Cup Disposable Prophy Angle and Non-Splatter Prophy Paste

in One Convenient, Cost-Effective Package

Choose the “All American” performance of our runs-like-metal Pivot NL Disposable Prophy Angle combined with the non-splatter, excellent stain removal properties of Next Prophy Paste in one convenient, cost effective cello pack.

Pivot Packs feature our hygienist preferred non-latex soft cups in combination with all four grits (fine, medium, coarse and extra coarse) and our most popular, great tasting flavors of Next Prophy Paste (Mint, Cherry and Bubble Gum). Or select the Adult Variety Pack (Mint, Cinnamon and Chocolate Mint) or Kid’s Variety Pack (Mint, Cherry and Bubble Gum) that offer both flavor variety and minimize inventory levels.

Plus it’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed or return it for a full refund. Ask your dealer for Pivot Prophy Packs today or call us at 1-800-474-8681 and we’ll immediately ship your order through your favorite dealer.


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Frequently Asked Questions
I am concerned about patient allergies. What do you recommend?
Allergies can be tricky and difficult to trace to a single chemical source. To eliminate the potential for dye, flavor or oil allergies, we recommend cleaning and polishing with NADA Pumice Paste or a "slurry of flour of pumice".
Does this product contain Gluten?
No, none. However, if concerned about allergies related to food colorants, dyes or flavors, for cleaning and polishing we suggest Nada Pumice Paste. As the name suggests, Nada contains no dyes, no fluoride and no flavor oils and is basically equivalent to using flour of pumice.
What colorants are used in NEXT Prophy Paste by grit?
Fine – FD&C Yellow #6, Medium – FD&C Blue #1 and #2, Coarse – FD&C Red #40 and Extra Coarse – FD&C Green #5 and Yellow #10. Again, if concerned about allergies to food colorants or dyes we suggest Nada Pumice Paste.
What is the sweetener used in NEXT Prophy Paste?
Next uses a unique combination of both Xylitol and Sodium Saccharin. There, we offer the following Proposition 65 warning as required by California law. WARNING: This product contains chemicals know to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
I notice NEXT rinses easier and splatters less than my other brand?
The proprietary formula of NEXT is designed to minimize splatter. Our customers have told us that their patients want a clean rinse before they leave the chair. NEXT will rinse cleanly and easily without using excess water. We're all consumers and it only makes sense to send them home with a good taste in their mouth and without all of the grit. NEXT is finishing touch on their office expertise.

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