MAXmin Prophy Paste contains patented NuFluor. What is NuFluor?

MAXmin Prophylaxis Paste is a proprietary patented formula developed by Preventch R&D. Unlike other prophylaxis paste brands that simply added a compound designed for use in consumer product applications into their paste formulations, our R&D started from scratch reviewing a comprehensive list of paste ingredients, ingredient/ formulation interactions, the manufacturing process and… the result is MAXmin Prophylaxis Paste with NuFluor, our unique Fluoride, Calcium and Phosphate chemistry designed specifically for prophy paste.

This “starting from scratch” development process not only gives MAXmin it’s unique fluoride, calcium and phosphate chemistry but also delivers to the end user a paste that goes on easy without splatter, is tough on stains, and unlike other mineral additive paste, MAXmin flash rinses to a clean finish – no chalky white residue left on the oral mucosa.