How do dispensing offices bill take home products like Dayli for Whitening Sensitivity?

For dental insurance reimbursement, code D9910 “Application of desensitizing medicament” is used but be warned that this code has a poor track record for reimbursement. To get started, some offices apply the product chairside with a tray or brush and send the patient home with the tube.

Since offices can purchase a tube of Dayli for as little as $6.00 per tube, the most effective way is to bill it into the cost of the whitening treatment and give it away. Whitening patients that avoid tooth sensitivity are good candidates to repeat the procedure every few years. Those patients who experience pain and discomfort are less likely to undergo a second whitening treatment. The whitening procedure revenue associated with repeated treatments more than offsets the cost of a tube of Dayli. It is important to note that offices selling take-home products are obligated to collect sales tax. Dental offices need to consult their local state tax code for specifics rules.

Dispensing Sales Model 500 annual whitening treatments x $6.00 ($12.00 SRP – $6.00 Std.Cost) = $3,000 Non-Chair Revenue.

*Whitening treatments and profit margins vary with each office. Plug in the specific office information and simply calculate the incremental dispensing revenue