See you at the ADA Meeting

We’re in Booth 510 at the American Dental Association Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX.

Swing by and visit with our new Texas representative Mitzi Bass. Ask Mitzi, Janie Wright, RDH, or Bill Berry about our new PIVOT Contra Disposable Prophy Angles. Finally, you can have a Contra style angle without paying a premium. You can also mix and match with other PIVOT prophy angles to take advantage of our 4+1 promotional offer.

Also ask to see the new, clearer, VELLA 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish formula. We have found a way to make it look better, taste better and feel better. The net result is patients will be more compliant so they can experience the full benefit of the fluoride. You can also receive a box of 35 VELLA applications when you purchase a box of 100. VELLA Fluoride Varnish now comes in Spearmint, Strawberry, Melon and Bubble Gum flavors!

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